Why? Because everything we do revolves around science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  Everything!

Black History – STEM!  Yes, they go hand in hand. African American inventors and scientists from as far back as the 1700’s were involved with science, technology, engineering and math. Slaves or free people – they got it! They understood the need to persevere and learn these things.

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The STEM programs for kids are designed to be a fun and engaging educational experience. In many of the programs students learn design and have an opportunity to experiment with different materials and learn how math applies to just about everything. The global purpose for STEM programs is to provide hands-on experiences, understand the roles of engineers and scientists and get exposure to African Americans (well it should be) from  the past and those who are currently active STEM participants in all careers.

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And we need the girls to get involved.  It’s not just a “boy or man” thing anymore. Let’s show them some “girl power”!  Many STEM programs include Black Girls Who Code, Girls Who Code, Girls, Inc. has programs, AAUW (American Association of University Women), Architect for Kids (Oakland), etc.  The bottom line is there’s probably a program near you or in the school your child attends.  Get them involved in STEM.

So, STEM?  Absolutely!  Black History, of course it helps our children relate.

Now I leave you with….

Alexander Miles (May 18, 1838 – May 7, 1918) was an African American inventor who was best known for being awarded a patent for an automatically opening and closing elevator. He was awarded the patent, U. S. Patent 371,207, on October 11, 1887


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