Hidden Figure Prevention

I had the pleasure of attending the graduation ceremonies at the David E. Glover Education and Technology Center in Oakland. The young folks received their certifications for completing the summer program and accomplishing their projects. It was heart-warming to see so many young Black girls and boys hovering over computers working on coding for virtual reality games and robotics. The three projects that were highlighted during the reception were absolutely awesome. You had to be their to feel the pride I felt watching these guys explain their projects.

The David E. Glover Education and Technology Center’s goals: delivering quality education and access to technology to enrich the lives of low income students and people of color in the Oakland Bay Area. Our programs are designed to grow your technology skill set from beginning through professional level technology instruction and training. We offer programming to both adult and youth populations to provide an exciting, enjoyable, and effective learning experience. And from what I experienced, they certainly accomplished that with the young folks I saw during that celebration.

Photos: (Left) One young man provided information regarding the market trend during his presentation – (middle) sharing their virtual reality games with each other (right) I say let’s get them as soon as they show even the slightest interest!

I had a wonderful conversation with one of the young men, Brendan Watson, who was home from UC Irvine, volunteering at the center. I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said a Biomechanical Engineer. Well of course you do, I said, not having a clue what a biomechanical engineer does. I asked him to explain. He did. And then I asked him to send me something regarding his goals and aspirations and he did. Wait until you read what he wrote. You will be inspired by his inspiration. Pretty amazing young man. Let’s not let him become a hidden figure. I will keep track of Brendan and accomplishments along the way.

Brendan’s Response

And just so you know, we do have STEM programs going on right here in my backyard in Richmond, CA.

I’ll share some of those programs in my next blog and newsletter.

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